WHAT WE CAN DOProtein Analysis & Algorithm

Arcadia offers cutting-edge proteomics analyses, seamlessly integrated with the prowess of artificial intelligence, designed to unlock the answers to your biological inquiries.

SERVICESTargeted Protein Analysis (PEA)

Debuting the first service of its kind in Malaysia, Arcadia’s targeted protein analysis service, leverages on Olink Proteomics® Proximity Extension Assay (PEA) technology, which enables detection and quantification of circulating proteins, providing an in-depth, biological understanding of disease with high specificity and sensitivity using minimal sample amounts. This service output is for research use only (RUO).

How does it work?

For the detection, a matched pair of antibodies labeled with complementary DNA oligonucleotides binds to the respective protein target and comes in proximity, resulting in the hybridization of oligonucleotides labels. The formed double-stranded product is then amplified by PCR and can be detected by a NGS or qPCR.

SERVICESTargeted Panels Available

Targeted Panels           Olink® Target 48 Cytokines (T48) Olink® Target 96 (T96)
Targeted Proteins 45 proteins 92 proteins
Panels 1 Panel for a comprehensive study of inflammation in absolute quantification. 14 panels grouped by diseases areas and biological processes
  • Olink® Target 96 Inflammation
  • Olink®  Target 96 Immuno-Oncology
  • Olink® Target 96 Immune Response
  • Olink® Target 96 Organ Damage
  • Olink® Target 96 Metabolism
  • Olink® Target 96 Development
  • Olink® Target 96 Cardiometabolic
  • Olink® Target 96 Cell Regulation
  • Olink® Target 96 Neuro Exploratory
  • Olink® Target 96 Oncology III
  • Olink® Target 96 Cardiovascular II
  • Olink® Target 96 Cardiovascular III
  • Olink® Target 96 Oncology II
  • Olink® Target 96 Neurology
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SERVICESTargeted Protein Analysis (PEA) Service Flow

Customer's Inquiry
Quotation Creation
Sample Submission
Protein Analysis
Statistical Analysis
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SERVICESTargeted Protein Analysis (PEA) Deliverables

  • Absolute quantification in pg/ml (Target 48 only)
  • Data in Normalized Protein Expression (NPX) format for relative quantification (Target 96)
  • Certificate of Analysis showing quality details – internal and external controls are included throughout the workflow to ensure data quality
  • Data visualization :
    • Hypothesis testing
    • Volcano
    • Boxplot
    • Heatmap
    • PCA plot
  • Statistical analysis: Includes differentially expressed protein analysis – input will be absolute quantification value for Target 48 or NPX value for Olink® Target 96

SERVICESSample Requirements

Panel Selection Sample Type Tube Type Minimum amount per sample Minimum Sample Number
Target 48


Target 96

(Collected from EDTA blood tube only)
Leak proof sample tube, recommended protein-lobind tube 30µL Olink® is a high-throughput application, so we ask clients to provide enough samples to fill a plate (minimum 88 samples for Target 96 and 40 samples for Target 48) to ensure statistical significance.
Serum Leak proof sample tube, recommended protein-lobind tube 30µL
Whole Blood Red top



1 – 5 mL
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SERVICESLiquid chromatography–mass spectrometry (LCMS)

LCMS targeted assay

Tool for novel biomarker target

Post-translational ready for lipidomics, glycomics, metabolomics studies.

  • Target (predetermined) peptide molecule with precursor mass, fragmentation info, retention time
  • Precisely select precursor ions of interest and isolate specific fragment ion
  • Peak integration with high speed
  • High multiplexing in small sample volumes
  • Multi-omics integration
  • Scalable from discovery to clinical implementation
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